5 Things You Need to Tell Your Limousine Company

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With limo rental services everywhere it’s easy enough to ride in style, no matter whether you just want a stylish lift to the airport or if you’re looking to enhance a wedding or special occasion. Getting the best possible from your limo service, however, means giving them all the info they need to make the experience great.

The key details to tell your limo service

It’s vital to be honest with the limo service about the nature of the event you’re hiring for. Remember, there’s a plethora of events people hire limos for. Some classes of rental will come priced at a set fee, while others will be per hour and may have minimum requirements. It’s also highly likely that popular options, like weddings, will have special packages attached to them you can take advantage of. With the correct information, the company can help plan the trip and knows what extras you may be interested in- from comp and VIP treatment passes at nightclubs and casinos to a red carpet rollout for brides.

Of course, all the services in the world are pointless without the right date! It’s absolutely vital that they know the date and the length of the event as soon as possible, even if you’re only at the quote stage. Some fleets who already have bookings on your day may have to decline, and you would far rather you don’t spend your time with a limousine service you can’t actually use. Give them an idea

Of the length of time you’re expecting, too.

Other details not to miss.

Your limousine service will also highly appreciate clarity around the numbers of guests you’re anticipating. This helps them guide you to the vehicles in their fleet that will suit your party and avoids wasting time on inappropriate vehicles. Accuracy is great as soon as you have it- 1 passenger more or less can make the difference between certain categories of vehicle. Remember, the DOT sets limits as to how many a vehicle can legally hold, and you have your own comfort to consider too.learn more information straight from the source.

Chat with the limo service about the amenities you require, too. From the ability to plug in your iPod to the need for ice to the contents of the bar, the more details you give them the more accurate the quote will be and the more they can cater for your tastes. Be scrupulously honest about the age of the passengers, too.

Limousine Company

While it’s legal to drink in the limo] so long as you’re not the driver] no reputable company will allow it if there’s underage passengers on board. They may require identification for this purpose. Lastly, be sure to ask for the all-inclusive fee so you aren’t hit by extra charges, and be prepared to put down a deposit to ensure your booking.learn more information about limo services at http://fox43.com/2015/05/18/puc-urges-consumers-to-use-certified-limos/

It’s pretty easy to rent a limo and if you take care to put all the details down upfront, you will have a fabulous and memorable experience.

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