Modern Limousines Vs Classic Limousines – Choosing the Right One For You

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limorental6When the wedding couple begin to look for a wedding limousine, they will soon find that there are more choices that they thought. There are many kinds of wedding limousines and surely there is something that fits the theme of the wedding perfectly. Basically, there are two kinds of limousines, modern and classic ones.

Different Design Of Limos Around The World

Classic Limousines

Classic limousines can be considered the more elegant choice since they have the timeless car designs like the Lincoln and the Cadillac limousines. There are many designs so the color, length, and size will vary but the colors black and white will be the most popular for weddings. You can go a bit higher in the classic limousine category and opt for Rolls Royce limousines but know that these are extremely expensive to rent. If you are keeping a tight handle on your wedding budget, renting a fancy Rolls Royce Limo shouldn’t even cross your mind. Nonetheless, you can still find many classic limos that fit your budget.

The reason why classic limousines are best for weddings is they are elegant and stylish. They are classical and can fit into any theme of wedding. They look great on anything and will work well with wedding gowns. Just make sure to move carefully when hopping out the car to avoid your wedding dress to getting entangled on the doors of the limo.

Modern limousines

Modern limousines are more common because they are cheaper than classic limousines. These types of cars are not cheap by any means but they are relatively cheaper than classic limousines. The most popular brands are Hummers, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar. Modern limousines also include bus that were transformed into a party bus to accommodate big parties.

Modern limousines are all about entertainment which means that they have many features that most classic limos don’t have. Modern limousines boast better entertainment systems, disco balls, bigger screens, and even a dance floor. Some modern limousines go over the top with their designs but it is perfectly okay for the demographics that they’re targeting. Modern limos are mostly used for parties with friends. While they can be used for weddings, they are only reserved for the after parties. They don’t have the classical appeal of classic limos.

To know which type of limousine is perfect for you, you should know what type of party or occasion you’re going to need them for. If you’re going to use it mainly for parties, a modern limo is a much better choice. If you are planning to use it for serious events like red carpet events, wedding shoot, or business meetings, a classic limo is the perfect choice. Visit – for more information.

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