What Makes A Limousine Ride So Comfortable?

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limorental73If you are planning a business trip, you’re probably not looking forward to it. It is usually a boring and simple trip. Luckily, you can make your ride more fun by renting a limousine. This article will list all the benefits that is associated with riding a limousine.

Roomier space

The extra length of the limousine gives it extra space that can be used for numerous things. It can be a make shift meeting room if you want to. You can even lie down comfortably inside a limousine. You  can never do this in other cars, premium or not. http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/52314/cars/advantages_of_booking_limousine.html

Bigger leg room

One of the main problems of most sedan is the limited leg room in the second row. You don’t even the space to stretch your legs out. You need to stretch your legs every once in a while to allow for the blood to circulate onto your legs.

Allotted space for refreshment

Most limousine cars have refreshment bars which have lots of drink in there. Depending on your lease contract, you can request a specific drink. You can also bring your own as long as it is within the confides of the contract. Oftentimes, the limousine comes with free refreshments that you can easily access from the second row. Just a word of caution – don’t get to drunk on your way to a meeting or a night out to fully enjoy your ride.

Premium high definition speakers

Limousine cars have a built in premium surround sound speakers in them. You can even play your own music by plugging in your smartphone, mp3, usb, cds, dvds and other types of format into the drive. The music will be delivered through several speakers that are placed specifically for maximum audible quality.

Premium materials

The inside of a limousine car is made only from premium quality materials. They feel and smell like how a premium quality feels and smells like. You will feel more comfortable when you are inside a car that is made only from premium materials.

Comfortable seat

Most limousine cars come equipped with adjustable seats. However, these are not just your ordinary adjustable seats. They are made to adjust on all axis and even allows you to lie down. They are extra soft and will give the feeling of a comfortable bed. You can easily doze off in these until you get to your destination.


Overall, a limousine ride is the preferable way to do a business trip or any kind of trip for that matter. It can turn a boring business trip into a stress-free and casual stroll around town. Lorain Limousine Services – check it out.

10 Essential Tips for Planning a Wedding like an Event Professional


A wedding is a standout amongst the most essential days in any couple’s lives. From engagement photographs, to selecting sellers, to making agendas and picking your wedding party, there are loads of things that should be arranged out in a precise manner up until you say those two enchanted words, I do as per wedding and event planners.

Your own arrangement

Arranging your own particular wedding can now and again feel overpowering and distressing, however in the event that you take after these anxiety free tips beneath, you will discover arranging your wedding planning site will be smooth cruising, and more pleasant from a specialist occasion proficient outlook.

Set a Budget, and Stick To It

Weddings can be exceptionally costly, and simply like some other occasion, you might end up needing to add extra things to your expert rundown closer to the occasion date, which might not have been in your set spending plan.

Make a Timeline

Other than the monetary allowance, a course of events is the most imperative piece of arranging a wedding as an occasion proficient on Wedding Planning site. Build up a sensible course of events, fit to your timetable, and outline due dates on a date-book.

Discover Event Tools Fit For You

Occasion apparatuses are an occasion organizers closest companion. Other than internet wedding agendas, search for occasion applications with spending plans, agendas and updates that are utilized for weddings, or on the off chance that you like to utilize your go-to occasion arranging applications, those will work fine and dandy.

Pick the Important Details

When you have arranged out the financial backing and course of events of the wedding planning, it’s an ideal opportunity to make sense of the most imperative points of interest of all. The measure of the wedding will decide more from a financial plan point of view, so to begin with, make a visitor list and stick to it as close as would be prudent. Click here.

Outline with Quality

You might have a few outline assets you use for occasions on a yearly premise, and if one rings a bell for a wedding, make certain to connect and request their configuration signs, welcomes, and programs and spare the dates. There’s nothing more uncommon than a custom, imaginative wedding set with a remarkable turn flaunting the style and character of the glad couple with best wedding planning.

Set aside Time for You

Some of the time notwithstanding wedding occasion organizers in the part of lady or groom require some R&R upon the arrival of their wedding! One incredible approach to ensure you’re centered on you, is to enlist a day-of facilitator by wedding and event planners who can just get right where you cleared out off in your astonishing arranging!

Day off logistics

Day-of logistics can and do some of the time get disregarded, so as the wedding occasion organizer make certain to triple check your agenda regardless.

Absorb It All

Most couples neglect to take a couple of minutes and check out the room once everything is all arranged and in movement with wedding planning. Take a couple of minutes to unwind, and appreciate the achievement of arranging an enthusiastic and thrilling memory in your lives.

Simple Guide On How To Rent a Limousine

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Unless you are a big celebrity or a professional prom goer, hiring a limousine isn’t something that you are going to do often. Usually, the only time people would hire limousine is when you have to attend a big event. One of the main reasons why limousine rental is not a popular choice even for party goers is the price. Not everyone can afford renting a limousine and even if they do, it’s not something that is recommended since riding a limousine seems impractical if you’re just going to ride it for a night around town.

If you do decide to hire a limousine, you need to check out the company to make sure everything is perfect. Here are the best tips you should follow when looking for a limousine rental company.

Do your research early

If you have a particular car model in mind, it would help a ton if you do your research early. Not all companies offer the same types of limousine so you must begin your research early especially if you are looking for that rare model. Use the internet to find what you are looking for. A simple search using the internet is all there is to

Reputation matters

Make sure that the company you choose is honest and reputable about their business. Search for any reviews on their service to have an idea of who they are and how they conduct their business.

See the car before renting

If possible, you should see the car before agreeing to anything. If you are making your reservations online or there is no way for you to check the car, you can ask them to send you a recent picture of the car. You should request for the picture not to be edited. This should give you an idea of what you expect.

Compare prices

With most companies incorporating online reservation for their services, it is wise to compare prices of different companies. Make sure that you compare the same model or make to make the comparison fair. If the rental companies you’re comparing do not have the same types of vehicle, just make sure that you be fair when differentiating their services. The cost should not be your only consideration. The quality, extra hourly rate, amenities, and other extra services should also be considered.

Double check everything

Make sure you have everything in writing. Make sure that you get all their details such as contact number, address, contact person and more. Also, check whether all the details match the details on the contract. Double check everything to make sure you are not going to get duped.


When selecting the right limousine, just follow your gut. Hire a company that you think would provide you with the best service available. http://www.slideshare.net/xpresslimoco/try-creative-limo-rental-ideas-to-make-any-occasion-special

Renting A Wedding Limo – How To Do It Right

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A lot of weddings feature limousine as the main car of the bride when coming up to the church. It is only fitting that it is the vehicle of choice since it elegant and classy to look at. It easily makes any wedding classier and more magnificent. It makes sense that many couples choose limousine as their main ride because it is comfortable and after a tiring day, a limousine ride makes for a perfect way to relax while letting all the memories of the wedding sink in.

Although renting a limo for your wedding may seem like an easy task, it can actually take a lot of time. There are lots of details to be worked on a wedding limo rental that you need to iron out. Her are the things that you need to know when renting a limousine for your wedding.

Reserve your wedding limousine early

Due to the high demand of limousine, renting a limo can be a hassle for some people. When planning your wedding, you should reserve the limo several months earlier to guarantee that you will have the limo available come your wedding day. Failure to reserve the limo will cost you extra money as renting a limo without any reservation will cost substantially more compared to renting one with reservation.

Compare prices

The beauty of the internet is you can compare prices of different companies and only avail of the ones that can fit your budget. If you have a car model in mind, make sure to reserve it even earlier than usual. Most wedding planner would recommend up to 6 months of advance reservation to make sure that you can avail certain car models.

Compare different limo features

Many couples would select their wedding limo based on appearance. Although it is cool to have a fancy-looking limousine at your wedding, it is not recommended that you only use appearance as your deciding factor. You would spend most of the time inside the limousine if you think about it so it is better that you include features when selecting your limousine. The look of the car is important but features is just as important so be careful when selecting your limousine.

Check the limousine before the big day

Because most limousine rentals are made through the internet, many couples make the mistake of not checking the vehicle in person before the big day. Somehow, they expect the vehicle to be true to the pictures which is not entirely the case most of the time. There are many things that several photos will fail to show customers so it is better to check in person before the wedding than feel regret when you see it the first time during the actual wedding day.

Plan an Itinerary

To make everything go as smooth as possible, you need to have a plan. You need to have a schedule that you can adhere to when renting a limousine. Remember that limousine rental can have hourly rates so to maximize what you paid for, you need to have an exact schedule.

Planning an entire day of festivities is surely a hassle. To make sure that you won’t get stressed during this event, plan everything perfectly. Make sure that every labor is divided so that no one will get stressed out. It is your special day so make sure to enjoy it as much as you can.

5 Things to Know About Limo Rental Companies

Unless you regularly use limo rental services, you might not be clued in to what you need to be aware of as you navigate the myriad possibilities.  Here are a few items of which you should be aware.

  1. Know What You Need

Most large cities have a variety of limo rental options available.  Do you know exactly what you’re looking for, or are you open to a variety of choices?  Is your rental based on necessity or desire?  Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime luxurious ride, or are you arranging transportation for a high-powered group of business executives?  Narrowing down the options will help you to zero in on the right service provider and vehicle for your precise event.

  1. Is It A Reputable Service Provider?

Ensure that you’re working with a reputable company.  You should be able to check their customer feedback on their website and/or check with the local Better Business Bureau.  Reputable companies are always glad to show their credentials and make no secret of how many years they’ve been providing reliable limo rental services.

  1. Does The Company Have Adequate Insurance?

Do your own research on what insurance must be maintained by the company that provides limo rental.  What is the extent of their liability?  Does the driver have privately held insurance or must the rental agency insure both the vehicle and driver, as well as providing coverage for passengers and their onboard property?  Don’t be afraid to question the agency about the extent of their insurance coverage.

  1. Know The Costs And Policy

Have a clear, written agreement about the services for which you’re paying.  Is there a set amount, or is there a general quote?  Are you paying by the hour for limo rental services or by the mile?  Is there an additional charge if the required service must be extended due to unforeseen scheduling difficulties?  Is the price you’re paying all-inclusive, or are there options you may later select that will raise the final price?  Be sure that you’re also aware of any standard surcharges or taxes that may be levied.  Keep in mind that you may pay a premium for waiting until the last moment to book your limo.  Advance planning may pay off in some lower charges, as well as in the peace of mind that comes from knowing your services have all been arranged. Know more here!

  1. What Does Your Vehicle Look Like?

What vehicles are available for use on the day of your rental?  If it’s a wedding, are you looking for a limo rental with a wider fifth door, that allows for easier entry and exit from the vehicle for the bride?  Are you needing one of the super stretch limos that are essentially a traveling board room?  Is the luxury limo, complete with wet bar and wide screen TV, mood lighting and high-powered sound system more to your liking?  Be very specific and, if at all possible, take a look at the vehicle you’re planning to rent.

Preparation on your part will allow you to identify the perfect limo rental services for your needs.