Why a Stretch Limo is an Uncommon Automobile

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We all know that there are limousine services out there, for parties, special occasions and weddings, and we all know the classic limo from TV skits, pictures and more- but have you ever stopped to think how unusual the limo actually is? As cars go, this bizarre form of luxury vehicle has got to be one of the oddest around!see my latest article to get latest updates.

Standard set-up of a limo service.

The limos most unusual design feature has to be the large gap between the two sets of wheels- the origin, of course, of the term ‘stretch limo’. The length is created purely with luxury in mind. The smallest stretch limo is designed for 6 people, and have an L shaped set arrangement to facilitate face-to-face conversation and comfort. In general, the driver is compartmentalized away from the passengers for privacy and discretion. It’s usually a darkened glass partition with a slide window which you are free, as passenger, to leave open to talk to the driver, or closed when you don’t wish to. The windows of the limo itself are generally also tinted.

Do you get different types of limo?

Check out the website of any good limo rental services, and you’ll immediately see that the classic stretch limo is far from the only type out there. Most common vehicle manufacturers have their own limo variety, too, and they come in a range of colours of course- so you’ll see a ton of different limos out there. There’s Cadillac, stretch hummer, SUV and Rolls Royce limos added to the mix too. Really, there’s a limo for everyone’s taste!

Alas, you can’t say the same of budget. There’s a reason that these cars have become associated with celebrities and wealthy businessmen. However, limo rental services will allow you easy access to the same privileged without the high cost of purchase and maintenance. Commercial limo companies allow for everything from regular hotel and airport shuttle services to social gatherings, nights on the town and wedding parties.

What else do limos offer?

Stretch Limo is an Uncommon Automobile

Of course, the luxury we hinted at earlier is the main reason to hire a limo. After all, what other car type comes with its own bar? Remember that, whilst it is legal to drink in a limo if you’re not driving, you cannot do so with impunity if you are under-age. Many limo services will also include snacks like caviar, and may offer complimentary champagne. With room to do everything from play cards to take a nap, the discreet, comfortable interior of the limo fairly asks for social conversation- if not downright naughtiness. On long trips you can eat- and drink- with impunity, without worrying about stops and with a designated driver always on hand.see it more at http://www.swxrightnow.com/story/28964397/limo-continues-torrid-stretch-with-first-bloomsday-win

The limo evolved to fill a niche of luxury for rich clients. With the handy services of a limousine service, however, you can emulate your richer peers and add a truly special touch to your functions and special occasions.

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